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Ana Laura Casagrande

Founder & CEO 

Interio design consultant

I’m an architect interior designer with six eight years’ experience, specialising in interior design projects with focus trends, styles and technology. I have a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a diploma in interior designer and I am currently studying marketing and my analytical which are highly developed.


During my experience as a designer, I have developed more than 150 residential projects and commercials I have in my mindset space, colours, materials, fabrics and furniture. That’s why I create my own decorating technique to design easy spaces which are absolutely stunning.

My skin set includes architectural design, Interior designer, Visual Merchandising, Facilities, Operations, Customer service and Project Management at various levels within the retail, furniture, fashion and commercial property sectors. During the course of I have been fortunate enough to work for great companies and be given exposure and experience in various areas which has given me transferable skills. I have been directly involved with the design, business integration, social media, visual merchandising guidelines, construction, development, fit out, retail, marketing, sales, furniture and fashion, interior design, logistics, e-commerce, purchasing and industrial buying activities.

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