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Enhancing the Beauty:

Ana Casagrande Styles the Rooms at Cranbrook Care

At Cranbrook Care, our vision is to provide exceptional residences, care, and lifestyle services to our residents. We are committed to creating an environment that promotes physical and emotional wellbeing, and we believe that the aesthetics of our spaces play a vital role in achieving this goal. That’s why we enlisted the expertise of interior decorator Ana Casagrande to enhance the beauty of our bedrooms. In this blog post, we will take you behind the scenes as Ana works her magic, adding her unique touch to create stunning and inviting spaces.

Adding a Touch of Style:

With existing decor in place, Ana set out to elevate the aesthetics by incorporating her signature style. Drawing inspiration from the surroundings and the preferences of our residents, she carefully curated a color scheme that harmonized with the existing elements. Ana’s keen eye for detail led her to select renowned brands like T2, Adairs, and Pillow Case to enhance the rooms further.

Artistry Unveiled at Cranbrook Care.

Artwork and Bookcases:

To infuse personality and create a sense of warmth, Ana strategically placed artwork throughout the rooms. Each piece was carefully selected to reflect the preferences and interests of our residents, adding a touch of individuality to their living spaces. Bookcases were introduced to create a cozy atmosphere and provide residents with a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Pillows and Tray:

Ana understands the importance of comfort and attention to detail. She added new pillows to the beds, not only enhancing the visual appeal but also ensuring maximum comfort for our residents. Additionally, she introduced trays, providing a practical and elegant solution for organizing personal belongings and adding a touch of sophistication to the rooms.

A Collaboration of Excellence:

Ana’s collaboration with renowned brands and her expertise in interior decorating have transformed the bedrooms at Cranbrook Care into stunning and inviting spaces. Her attention to detail, commitment to creating a personalized environment, and passion for design have resulted in an outcome that exceeds our expectations.

We are immensely grateful to Ana Casagrande for her outstanding work in enhancing the beauty of the bedrooms at Cranbrook Care. Her expertise, attention to detail, and ability to create spaces that reflect the unique preferences and needs of our residents have truly elevated the living experience in our community. The collaboration with renowned brands has further enhanced the quality and aesthetics of the rooms. We are confident that these transformed spaces will bring joy and comfort to our residents for years to come.

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