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Welcome to Attitude Designs Interiors, where we bring a fresh perspective to interior design that’s anything but ordinary. Our Sydney-based company has gained international recognition for our ability to turn simple spaces into jaw-dropping environments that will leave you in awe.

Attitude Designs

Attitude Designs Interiors was born out of a moment of inspiration during a visit to the Rome Design Fair in 2017. Witnessing a group of designers offering interior design services online sparked the realization that design excellence shouldn’t be confined to physical spaces alone. It was a lightbulb moment, and I decided to embark on a journey to bring accessible and extraordinary design to a global audience. The vision was clear – transform spaces from mundane to extraordinary while making the magic of design accessible to everyone.

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Whether you’re a homeowner with an eye for sophistication or a business owner seeking a distinctive touch, we cater to a diverse clientele, including high-end residential projects and commercial ventures.

Our focus is on bringing any style to life, be it wild or sophisticated. We’re not just designers; we’re creators of experiences that resonate with the unique personality and brand identity of our clients.

Ana Casaagrande


interior designer // owner

Ana Casagrande

About Ana Casagrande:

Ana’s design philosophy goes beyond aesthetics, incorporating elements of Reiki, Enneagram, and Feng Shui. Her unique approach infuses positive energy into spaces, creating not just visually stunning designs but environments that resonate with harmony and well-being.

International Influence:

Having worked with renowned brands such as Williams Sonoma, Ana’s influence extends from the bustling streets of São Paulo to international landscapes, including the USA, Paris, and Australia. Her diverse portfolio showcases an ability to cater to a global clientele, with projects spanning cultural backgrounds from India to Australia.



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Be a part of my Design world, where together, we’ll make magic happen! 

Attitude Designs, where your attitude is the key to creating beautiful designs.

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