Property Styling


Attitude designs home staging interior design, decoration, and redesign team can dramatically improve the beauty and livability of your home, creating aesthetic, pleasing spaces that align to your taste and style, and within your budget.  
We are experts with color consultations, lighting, window treatments, and décor.  If you don’t have the eye to love where you live then let us help you make those dreams come true.
Our expert team of accredited master stagers will create elegant, warm, human spaces that appeal to luxe buyers.

Home Staging

We provide a competitive edge to our clients in today’s real estate market through proven home staging techniques designed to achieve maximum visual and emotional appeal to luxury buyers.
Our clients include homeowners, realtors, investors, builders, and property management companies.
Why property styling ?

Boost the price

Property styling boosts your sale price
When you’re looking to sell your home, getting the highest price possible is pretty much the aim of the game! And the good news is, property styling can help you to do just that. Not only do industry experts agree that styling your home can help it to sell faster – but it’s also estimated that property styling can add between 5–10% to your final sale price.

It increases your home’s appeal to homebuyers

To sell your home, you need to make a good first impression on homebuyers – especially considering that more and more homes are now being styled to sell. Bowerbird’s property stylists are not only up to date with the latest interiors trends, but working in the industry day in and day out means that they’ve also got a keen eye for what buyers in your area are looking for. If your home is one amongst many in your area on the market too, then property styling can also help your home to stand out in the crowd!
All of our stagers are Accredited Staging Professionals (ASPs); 95% of ASP-staged homes sell in 30 days or less and sell for 17% more.  We can provide:
Consultations –
 One of our ASPs will meet with you at your home and assemble a detailed report on how to best prepare your home for sale.  
Vacant Home Staging – we specialize in staging properties for sale.  Our stagers are fully versed on contemporary design trends, and we carry a huge inventory of furniture, artwork, rugs, lighting, plants, and accessories to make the property beautiful, attractive, and alluring to prospective buyers.  And, our scale and efficiency allow us to provide very competitive pricing for our clients.
Luxury Home Staging – high-end homes demand luxurious furniture, decorations, artwork, and fabrics.  We skillfully and artfully apply and arrange items from our extensive inventory, creating inspirational, pleasing spaces that evoke the perfect lifestyle appeal to modern luxury home buyers.  
Standard Home Staging – we can make any home look more luxurious and inviting with practical and effective staging designs, quality furnishings, and complementary accessories, creating beautiful spaces even on a tight budget.


This service combines your and our furnishings, art, accessories and linens.
Best For: Occupied properties that are not completely furnished.


This service makes use of your furnishings, accessories, art and linens.
Best For: Fully-furnished properties that will be occupied when on the market.


Why us?


Express service

In 3 business day after your consultation we can start your installation and ready to sale.

Tailored approach

Unique boutique for each customer


Everything you can solve online

Eco friendly

We deliver a digital file
Time on market
Our goals, aligned with yours. For sellers, “time on market” is everything, each additional day on the market is a dollar lost. However, the opposite is true with most home staging companies, the longer your project remains staged, the more money they make. Even if your home fails to sell, they still get paid. This concept is counterintuitive and out of date. At Spade and Archer, our goals are aligned with yours… we don’t get paid unless you get paid.


You only pay scheduling deposits up front. We ask for a small deposit to hold the installation and removal dates. You pay the same amount no matter how long you keep the staging. Because we guarantee our work, Spade and Archer only takes our payment from closing, once the transaction is complete.
  • No risk. If your project doesn’t sell once the staging duration is complete, we don’t get paid. At the end of our agreement, if you decide to remove the property from the market, we will simply remove the home staging, sweep the floors, refund your scheduling deposits and move on. We are on your team, we win together and sometimes, we lose together.
  • Your decision, made easy. This guarantee means you no longer need to sacrifice quality or quantity based on a gamble. Because Spade and Archer only gets paid when you get paid… the answer is easy

Create good impression

Create a great first impression. First impressions are critical when you want to entice buyers to put in an offer for your home. Buying a home is an emotional decision for many people, so if you can create a stunning impression in the first 30 seconds after someone walks through the door they are much more likely to be hooked.

Our design process works in 3 steps

Consultation > Design process > Installation
The Styling Process


Arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our stylists. We’ll arrange a time with you to view the property and provide a comprehensive consultation of our services.
the right questions about the target market and who my prospective buyers were, and she styled my place around the brief.

Design process

Within 24 hours of our appointment, we will prepare and email you your unique proposal.
Our property stylists will curate a carefully selected interior scheme with furniture and furnishings to best suit the style of your home.


Upon confirmation of our proposal we’ll arrange an installation date with you.
Come installation day our team will style your home ready for the start of your sales campaign.


Property Staging
Perfect for unoccupied properties where clients wish to make a statement. Prices start from $999 for apartments and from $1500 for houses.

Partial Staging

Carefully curated to highlight the best areas of your property. Prices start from $1800 for apartments and $2500 for houses.
Integrated Staging
Supplementing your furniture to create a perfectly presented home for sale. Prices start from $880 for apartments and $1200 for houses.

Pre-sale Preparation Consult

A one – one  consult to cover all the basics for home renovations and/or preparation for the market. Covering painting, gardening, carpet, window furnishings and general advice. Consult is $180 fixed cost for 30 mins – 1 hour
What if I want to use my own items?We are happy to work with you to integrate some of your items where possible into our styling. If we don’t think they will work we will be honest and the decision is yours. Remember, our goal here is to create the most appealing space to your buyers.
What if our furniture needs to be stored?
We are able to help to arrange the removal and storage of your existing furniture during the sales campaign. Many of our clients have removed and stored their entire home and had amazing results from this service.



Who I Am ?

I’m an architect interior designer with six eight years’ experience, specialising in interior design projects with focus trends, styles and technology. I have a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a diploma in interior designer and I am currently studying marketing and my analytical which are highly developed.
During my experience as a designer, I have developed more than 150 residential projects and commercials I have in my mindset space, colours, materials, fabrics and furniture. That’s why I create my own decorating technique to design easy spaces which are absolutely stunning.
My skin set includes architectural design, Interior designer, Visual Merchandising, Facilities, Operations, Customer service and Project Management at various levels within the retail, furniture, fashion and commercial property sectors. During the course of I have been fortunate enough to work for great companies and be given exposure and experience in various areas which has given me transferable skills. I have been directly involved with the design, business integration, social media, visual merchandising guidelines, construction, development, fit out, retail, marketing, sales, furniture and fashion, interior design, logistics, e-commerce, purchasing and industrial buying activities.