Interior design online

Interior design online Project (e-design)

E-design is an online service that allows you to decorate your home in a professional way, through a simple process completely online. The price is fixed and affordable.


Interior design consultants work to create interior design plans for existing or new spaces. They analyze the function of the space with the client's goals in mind and turn to the drawing board to draft schematics, designs, sketches.Could be online or presencial.


 The details you want to know.

Decorate your space in 3 steps



Start with the questionnaire. Tell us about your space, about your taste, what inspiration for the decor and how you enjoyed living this environment. We’ll create a custom decor to fit your style and budget.

2. Submit the details of the space.

Start your project! Take photos of your space and the furniture you want to keep. Send us also the floor plan or measurements of the spaces you want to decorate. If you have questions, don’t worry, we will send you an explanatory file.

3. Receive your project.

Within 15 business days, we will send you the Final Decoration Proposal for your space and a Shopping List to let you know where to buy all the products. You’ll have everything you need to make your dream space a reality.

E-design ( interior design solution)

E-design is alternative for interior design projects.This type of project you and designer developed a project 100% online. You can change your bedroom, living room even your dinner room in simple way and is not going to cost you much.

affordable way to work with an interior designer.

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